Package Start Up

With the layers of snow and poop currently we only offer larger scale clean ups as the client requests until spring has sprung and we are down to grass.  Then weekly rates apply. 

For Example

Client can book once a month (large scale cleanup rate) until the thaw starts to happen then we can come out every 2 weeks or as needed until we are down to grass. Then start at our weekly flat rate after that.  We find this the easiest and most time efficient way yo deal with the layers of poop.

There is a $20 cancellation fee if 24 hour notice is not given due to the busy season and if gate is locked or frozen and we cannot access the yard.


We charge $1.25 a minute per worker.

Most yards range between

1 dog $45 to $80

2 dogs $60 to  $100

3 dogs $75 to $129

Depends on length of grass, leaves different landscapes. As well as size of yard.


***We do not take the waste away. We will double bag it and put it in the garbage area for you.

Email psandboogie@gmail.com or call 780 245 1766

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